Easy Menu

Easy Menu 7.02

DOS hard disk menu with security features
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7.02.0201 (See all)
Easy Software Ltd

There are many hard disk menu systems but none as simple and flexible as Easy Menu. Unlike most systems which only allow you nine items to a page, Easy Menu can accomodate up to 200 and any of those can call sub menus which can also hold up to 200 items.
You can select programs from Easy Menu by the arrow keys, by typing the number or with full alphabetic search.
Easy Menu includes a unique security system. Instead of just password protecting individual programs, you can also annotate each program as "User" or "Administrator only". When you lock to user items, the programs which are for the administrator only, simply dissapear from the menu. You can also prevent users from exiting to the DOS prompt !
If you administer DOS PCs, Easy Menu is the ideal front end..

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